The Old Dawg’s REI Network is a community of people who are approaching retirement or already there who are interested in generating increased cash flow for their retirement years.  Through their web site, newsletter and weekly podcast, participants receive valuable information and tools for launching a part-time or full-time real estate investing business.  It is their hope that you will be able to create and enjoy the retirement you always dreamed of.

The OATS approach begins with a strong commitment to creative and responsive program design. They develop programs that engage seniors as change agents — in the classroom, in the community, and at home.

Their mission is more than simply teaching seniors how to use computers. Their flagship programs empower older adults to live successful, independent, more connected lives.


  • Access: certified age friendly employers
  • Advocacy:be heard; there’s power in our
    1 million+ members
  • Advice: Articles and tips
  • MORE? get a complimentary resume critique, attend weekly webinars & view exclusive guides with a Premium Membership for just $19.95/year.

“Companies like are filling a void by helping older workers keep their skills and expertise on the job. If these companies continue to adapt to accommodate the aging workforce and we pass the right legislation to help them succeed, we’ll keep our economy growing well into the future.”
— U.S. Senator Herb Kohl (Retired Chair, Aging Committee)

AARP Life Reimagined

​The best retirement advice right at your fingertips! Retired Brains is the most comprehensive independent resource website for baby boomers, those planning their retirements, and active retirees on the Internet. They specialize in helping baby boomers, retirees, and those planning their retirement be happy, healthy and prosperous. The best retirement advice should take quality of life, financial stability, and opportunities for continued growth into account. This is why they formulate the best retirement advice based on providing resources to help make retirements not only manageable, but also active and fun. Retired Brains is proud to be the best retirement advice website since 2003…and they continue to compile value-adding retirement advice to make sure baby boomers and retirees enjoy every opportunity to make their retirements, and lives, count to the fullest!