When you sell your San Mateo Village home this Spring: 8 things to do now

Vicki Moore
Published on February 18, 2017

When you sell your San Mateo Village home this Spring: 8 things to do now


Get help first

1. Hire a marketing magician.

There are some agents who “post and pray,” post a sign in the yard and pray the place sells.  In today’s environment, you’ll want to consider the millennials; if you can impress them with your marketing, when you sell your San Mateo Village home, it may become their darling by impressing their friends and family too.  Don’t settle for an old-style virtual tour where the photos are distorted or photos taken with an iphone.  Ask your prospective new business partner if they’ll be using a professional photographer and if they think drone video is appropriate for your property.  Other things to consider are staging, floor plans, specialized agent tours with food and/or prizes to really pull the agents in, professionally printed brochures, early invitations to neighbors, mega open houses, Facebook ads and other online promotions.

8 things to do before selling your house this spring c

Then start with the things that take the longest

2.  Revive or replace your lawn

We can debate later about whether or not having a lawn is a good idea.  The bottom line is if you have one, it better look as green as an Irish meadow when you sell your San Mateo Village home. If you’ve let it go because of the drought, it’s going to take some time to get that baby back in tip top shape.  If you’re not a landscaping DIYer and you’d rather start over than deal with the work without sure results, then put the lawn lower on your list of priorities. If you want to take a stab at it, review Lowe’s tips in their Q and A: Answers to Your Lawn Recovery Questions. If bushes or trees need to be trimmed do it early enough so they have a chance to grow back a bit so they’re not sparse.

3.  Paint the interior

Painting the interior may or may not take the longest depending on how much packing and moving you have to do beforehand.  What does take a long time, however, is getting rid of the smell of paint.  We’ve mentioned how badly a smelly house will affect your bottom line. As a an additional side note on things that smell:  Do not use scented air fresheners.  Not only are many people sensitive to the smell they’re also questionable for your good health.

4.  Once you’ve decluttered for painting, clean all the windows and window coverings.

Really take into consideration whether or not you can live without putting the window coverings back up when you sell your San Mateo Village home.  They can make windows appear smaller, allow less light in and date the rooms.  If you’re not going to be living there, don’t even think about it:  don’t reinstall them.

The must-do repairs

Get professional advice on how much upgrading, repairing or remodeling to do when you sell your San Mateo Village home.  But here are some honey have to do’s:

5.  Replace all the light bulbs to the same type and color.

Not only is it important for all the bulbs to be working to keep buyers from having to wonder if the bulb is out or there’s an electrical problem, having a variety of light bulbs doesn’t come out well in the photography. Some bulbs have a blue tint or yellow.  Some are brighter than others.  It’s a small thing but details add up to a perfectly prepared house.

6.  Knobs, handles and switches

All the doors, drawers and light switches/covers should be the same type, fully functioning and sparkling clean when you sell your San Mateo Village home.

7.  Safety items:

All of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be new – or fairly new – with the 10 year batteries.  The County of San Mateo has guidelines to follow with regard to the number of detectors and their placement. The water heater should be strapped properly, according to local code. If you have large floor to ceiling windows place a removable sticker or something similar to alert people – mostly kids – that the window is there and it happens to be closed. During a recent sale in our office there was a horrendous accident.  A kid who was at the open house got rambunctious and ran through a window.  It was an older home and it wasn’t safety glass.  I’ll end the story there. Once you’ve gotten inspections on the property, when you sell your San Mateo Village home, you can decide if there are additional items to take care of.  Remember, you don’t have to fix everything but you do have to disclose it all.

8.  Spring colors

I don’t know about you but when I think about selling your San Mateo Village home in the Spring, I think the house should feel like Spring too!  Not only clean and bright but Spring-colored towels and pillows, light cotton or linen curtains.  I also think of fresh flowers.  But don’t do it unless you’re living in the house and will change the vase water EVERY DAY. Sometimes stagers want to go au naturale with fruit and flowers.  The problem is that the flowers wilt, the water gets stinky and fruit brings gnats.  And, omg, that stinky flower vase water will make a buyer turn right around and walk out.

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When you sell your San Mateo Village home this Spring: 8 things to do now
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