Making Your House A Home: Top 6 New Home Essentials

Vicki Moore
Vicki Moore
Published on December 5, 2017

As mentioned last week, 2,692 resale homes went under contract across the Greater Sacramento region in October, which is a 15% increase compared to October of last year. According to Redfin, housing demand is on a 4-year high. It’s also estimated that in 2017, 52% of buyers are first-time homebuyers. That’s a lot of buyers looking to turn their houses into homes.

Moving in can be daunting given the amount you have to juggle. There’s fixing whatever needs fixing, packing up your previous residence, and tying up other loose ends. That’s why it’s critical to prioritize. Everyone’s priority list of new home essentials will be different, but should include a balanced mixture of both what’s absolutely needed, along with things that will help your new house truly feel like home.

For example, in our Homebuyer’s Guide, we discuss the importance of listing all the features of a home that you want and categorizing them as must haves, should haves, and absolute wish list items. Your new home essentials should also follow this way of bucketing out your priorities.

A shorthanded guide to finding your new home essentials can be prioritized by breaking the home into 6 categories:

  1.  Decor – A new house is not a new home until you leave your personal trademark on it through design, finishings and heirloom keepsakes.
    I just saw a really cool gift on Etsy – You could always get it for yourself for Christmas.  It will definitely personalize your space right away – and be a great conversation starter.  Are you a traveler?  You have to check out this personalized push pin globe from Wendy Gold.
  2. Kitchen Staples – Caffeine can help you get through the unpacking madness, be sure to upgrade your coffee maker, and other appliances you won’t get far without.
  3.  Bedtime Comforts – Consider a new home a fresh start for your overused essentials. Invest in a well designed mattress that will last you for years along with ideal bedding for your sleep preferences.
  4.  Security Features – A simple addition to any new home that will also serve a dual purpose for security are outdoor motion lights. Don’t forget to change your exterior locks as well to ensure you’re the only one with a key.
  5.  Storage/Organization Solutions – Storage solutions are much easier to decide on before you fill a space with your belongings. Prior to unpacking, be sure to  reflect on how you can best optimize closet, attic, and basement spaces with shelves, bins and cabinets.
  6.  Bathroom Must Haves – It’s easy to overlook the necessities you need in your washroom until you are in a situation without them. Don’t forget to replace your cleaners, toilet brush and plunger.
Making Your House A Home: Top 6 New Home Essentials
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