How technology can hurt your Northern California home purchase

Vicki Moore
Vicki Moore
Published on September 27, 2017

Home security is commonplace in today’s world – especially with the ease of installing wireless cameras; but have you thought about how home video recordings can hurt your Northern California home purchase?

Home sellers, rightly so, are nervous when they put their property on the market, especially if they’re living in the house.  There are a ton of tasks to do to prepare the house for sale and they know the first impression may be the only one they’ll get.  So they work hard for weeks, sometimes months, to get their homes in tip-top shape.

If they’re living in the house, they’re taking big risks.  Because of safety concerns, there’s going to come a time when the practice of Saturday and Sunday open house events go the way of the dinosaur.

Video: Man caught on home security camera stealing jewelry during open house

Think about it:

Home sellers are opening their front door to everyone and anyone who wants to look, no matter what their intention is.  Maybe the visitors want to buy a house in the neighborhood; maybe they want to get ideas for a kitchen remodel; maybe they want to rob the seller of their valuables and/or prescriptions.

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Big Brother?

One way home sellers are trying to protect themselves from “open house thieves” is to install audio/visual equipment.  Unintentionally or not, those precautions can endanger your Northern California home purchase.

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As a home buyer in the current sellers’ market, you’re looking for every advantage against other potential buyers so don’t make these faux pas and ruin your chances with the seller and lose the home you love and have to have.

We used to hang out at the house to get the feel, talk about possible renovations, purchase prices and negotiation strategies.  Clients and I would also talk about how the place stunk or how could they live this way or that.  “Look at that!  Eww!”

Well, with the proliferation of home video, you’d better not do that!  I’ve always told clients – home buyers and sellers – not to say anything in front of the other party or their agent.  Now we have to be cognizant that we may be under live scrutiny.

Home sellers should let people know when they have audio/video active at the property by putting up a sign or letting the agents know in the agent only comment section of the multiple listing service.  But you can’t afford to take the chance that they “forgot.”  If you say something negative while you’re inside the house, the seller pulls up that recording of the showing and hears what you said, they aren’t going to appreciate it and won’t be happy and willing to negotiate with you on your Northern California home purchase.

It may be an innocent conversation about how you’d like to remove that carpet and put hardwood floors or paint the kitchen cabinets.  If a home seller is sensitive about their house – maybe they just put that carpet in but you think it’s awful – they aren’t going to be very accommodating when you give them an offer for your Northern California home purchase.

On the other side of the coin, what if you love, love, love the house and say, “OMG, I have to have this house!”  The seller is going to use that against you in negotiations; they’ll have the upper hand and not be flexible about pricing – or anything else!

I hope today’s Real Estate article “How technology can hurt your Northern California home purchase” was was helpful to you.  Call Vicki at 650-888-9268 or email [email protected] if you have questions about boosting your home’s value. Vicki Moore, a licensed California Real Estate Agent, CA BRE 01234539, providing world class real estate services since 1998. You can speak with Vicki by calling/texting her at 650-888-9268 or you can email her at: [email protected] if you are thinking about a Northern California home purchase.

How technology can hurt your Northern California home purchase
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