8 Strategies for the Most Successful Mid Silicon Valley Garage Sale Ever

Vicki Moore
Published on June 27, 2017

8 Strategies for the Most Successful Mid Silicon Valley Garage Sale Ever


If you’ve lived in your house 20+ years and you’re about to downsize, you’ve got stuff!  And the longer you’ve lived in your Mid Silicon Valley house, the more stuff you have.  It’s been in the closets, attic and garage for years but it didn’t matter because you were going to sort through it later.  Well, guess what?  It’s later.  Turn that clutter into cash.

Where do you begin?  With a garage sale, of course.

7 Strategies for the Most Successful Mid Silicon Valley Garage Sale Ever

 1. Get the word out

Craigslist is the big daddy of garage sale websites but there are a couple of others you may not have heard of.  And, no, they’re not a chance for you to go buy more stuff.  Garage Sales by Map,  Yard Sale Search Take advice from an expert:  Upload pictures.  Putting “kids toys” in the ad isn’t enough.

If you’re going to put signs, out let me know, you can use my open house A frames – as long as you promise to give them back.  They’re $80 each, you know.  Or you can use wooden stakes and poke them into the ground that morning.  Signs on poles might be frowned on in your city; but if you do put them out, be courteous to take them down.  Us garage salers won’t know that your sale was three weeks ago.

2.  Arrange for change

You’ll need to be able to give change.  So lots of singles, five-dollar bills and quarters.  If you’ve got a fish and tackle box or recipe box that you can keep that money in, that might help keep you organized.

You can say “no early birds” all you want but you know they’ll be there.  If you want to start at 9 it might be a good idea to say you’re starting at 930, depending on how rabid the garage sale hunters are in your neighborhood.

3.  Sort the stuff

When you go to the store all the good stuff, the eye catching goodies, are at the front. Large items will catch their attention. If you have patio furniture, set it up out front where people can see it when they’re scoping out your sale.

A box marked “free” will get their attention too.  Put that right out front.

4.  Price it right

You’re not having a professional garage sale – forget the price stickers on everything.  That’s too much work!  Group same-priced items together on a table, or in a bucket or box.

You want to get rid of this stuff, remember?  Price it to unload.  You can do package deals also.  If someone is peeking at your old paperbacks tell them they can have twice as many for the price.

5.  Be ready to negotiate

Expect it, especially first thing in the morning when the dealers are hunting.  Ask yourself:  Do I want to pack this thing up and take it to Goodwill or the dumps?  If not, sell it cheap!

6.  Make some extra dough

If you’ve got kids, have them make some extra money with a drink sale.  Pick up some water or sodas at Costco and give them something to do for the day.

7.  It’s a deal! 

If it’s getting late and and you are so done with this garage sale, mark it down or make it free.  You can have a little fun giving a “gift with purchase.”  For every $10 they spend, let them pick something from the dollar table for free.

8.  Take care of numero uno

Take care of yourself!  Be sure to have snacks and water out there with you.  Put on your sunscreen and a hat before you start.  A chair to sit on is a good idea too.

Money Crashers has a good article about how to price your garage sale items.


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8 Strategies for the Most Successful Mid Silicon Valley Garage Sale Ever
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