7 things San Mateo Village home sellers should be thankful for

Vicki Moore
Published on February 15, 2017

7 things San Mateo Village home sellers should be thankful for


Selling your house sucks.  It’s pretty awful from start to finish.  But San Mateo Village home sellers have a few things to be grateful for – actually, I found seven.

7.  San Mateo Village Home Sellers Don’t Have Ice Dams

Ice what?  WTF is that?  I hadn’t heard of it until Bill Gassett, prolific blog writer extraordinaire, brought them to my attention in his article, How to Prevent and Remove Ice Dams.  If you don’t know what an ice dam is, be grateful.  Be even more grateful we don’t have them in San Mateo Village.

Bill tells us this, “Ice dams are created after a heavy snowfall when the warmth from the attic creates a roof surface that rises above freezing. Heavy snow acts as an insulator, trapping this heat and causing the snow closest to the roof to melt. This water then flows down the roof, where it promptly freezes again as soon as it goes beyond the warm part of the ceiling. Usually, this is the last section of the roof, closest to the gutters and beyond the walls of the house.”

6.  Setting down the shovel

Never having lived in the snow, realtor.com gives the really helpful tip of not setting down the shovel.  “You cleared off enough of the driveway for your car, but potential buyers won’t be entering through the garage like you do.”  Ahh, right.  Another problem San Mateo Village home sellers don’t have to deal with.

5.  Winterizing your home

Teresa Boardman of St Paul Real Estate Blog – brrrr – says, “If your home is vacant please have it winterized, that means that you have the water turned off so the pipes don’t freeze if the furnace/boiler quits.”


4.  Not Buying a $2 Protector for Your Outdoor Faucet

I saw this on another blog but bypassed it because I didn’t get it the first time.  Native Californian, ya’ know.

House Logic gives us 7 Mistakes that can cost homeowners big money during cold weather. They advise, “The simplest thing to do is to remove your garden hose from your outdoor faucet and drain it. Then add a faucet protector to keep cold air from getting into your pipes. They’re really cheap (some are under $2; the more expensive ones are still less than $10). “Get these now,” says Danny Lipford, home improvement expert and host of the “Today’s Homeowner” television and radio shows. “When the weatherman says we’ve got cold coming, they’ll sell out in minutes.”

Thank you to mother nature that San Mateo Village home sellers can skip this advice.

3.  Don’t salt the walkway

I’m not talking about himalayan.  Homesteading.com has some clever hacks to keep warm and cozy.  Number 24 caught my attention with the scary picture and thought of having broken limbs from slipping down the icy stairs.

Apparently you can use rubbing alcohol and dishwashing liquid as a salt alternative to defrost your walkway.


2.  Inspect and clean the chimney

Garrett’s Realty Group has the coolest infographic – called a gifographic where they give
12 Easy Tips to Winterizing Your Home.

I think it’s a baaaaad idea to light a fire for home buyers coming in to see the house but I did see that offered as an idea for selling your house during the winter.

If you are going to do that, definitely follow Garrett Realty Group’s suggestion to have the chimney inspected and cleaned.

Just as a side note, be sure to remove your pot stash from the chimney for showings and inspections.  I sold a house – no kidding – the tenant had stuffed all his pot into the chimney to hide it.  Um, I think he was stoned when he did that.

And the number one thing San Mateo Village homeowners can be thankful for this winter – and an excellent tip for realtors in the midst of snow…(they probably already know all about this idea). Another great idea from Homesteading.com:

1. Use a lighter, warm your key to thaw a frozen lock


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7 things San Mateo Village home sellers should be thankful for
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