Homestead Husing Neighborhood of San Mateo Homes are Sold As-Is But What Does that Mean?

Vicki Moore
Published on November 1, 2016

Homestead Husing Neighborhood of San Mateo Homes are Sold As-Is But What Does that Mean?



Different cities have different standards when it comes to buying and selling homes.  In Homestead Husing, you’ll want to sell your house as-is.  In other words, you’re selling it to the buyer in its present condition, without warranty, because that’s the standard and the expectation and it’s the best for you too.

But because you’re selling as-is, you’ll want to disclose everything.  Yes, everything.  Tell the potential buyer everything you know about the house before they buy it.  If they find out afterwards that you didn’t tell them something you should have, you’re going to have a lawsuit on your hands.

So you don’t have to fix it – whatever “it” is – but you do have to disclose it.

1. As As-Is Sale is Not the Same as Selling a “Fixer”

When your home is sold as a fixer, your house will appeal to a certain type of buyer.  The ones that want to buy a house that needs repairs, right?   Tons of buyers want to buy a house that needs repairs, because in Homestead Husing the homes are expensive – it’s their way to get into a home less expensively.

Your property won’t appeal to every buyer but you don’t need it to.

Filoli brick wall with ivy and tulips

Filoli brick wall with ivy and tulips

2.You may make more than you expect

Many homebuyers say they want a home that they can move right into, stick their toothbrush in the holder in the bathroom and enjoy their new digs. So, why would a buyer want your home? When you consider this question, there can be only one answer: A buyer would want your as-is home because it’s cheaper.  The thing is they can’t afford to buy the home where they can stick their toothbrush in the holder.  For them, it means either not buying a house or buying one that needs work.  These buyers have learned the way to get a deal – and everybody wants a deal – is to buy a house that needs work.

It’s true, depending on the extent of needed repairs of your Homestead Husing property, you’ll have to list your home for less than nearby homes that are in better condition. As mentioned earlier, a low listing price will bring out investors and everyone else looking for a bargain.  Now, that sounds like a negative but it’s not.  That group of buyers is large – very large and very competative.  The more people competing over the house, the higher the price will go.

It’s quite possible that it may be more cost-effective in the long run to make the necessary repairs so that you can list at a higher price – it depends on the type of work that needs to be done and the cost of that work. Before you do any repairs or upgrades, talk to your favorite realtor.  She will have the most current take on the current real estate market and will be able to advise you the best direction for your situation.  Also, she’ll know the design trends.  It’s awful to see a home owner remodel/upgrade their home using colors only they will like!

To help you get more for your house

Stage the home

Appearance matters more in real estate than most other industries because buyers are buying with emotion.  This is not a business decision calculated on a piece of paper.  This is home, where families and friends will gather, children will be raised. With attention to increasing the home’s curb appeal and some fresh paint and a good scrubbing inside, you’ll get more for your Homestead Husing home.

Most buyers will decide whether or not to view your home while shopping online, so staging and professional photos are a must. Getting more people to view the home in person is the name of the game when it comes to selling quickly and for more money.

Consider a pre-sale home inspection

Sure, you may have a good idea of what’s wrong with the home, but there may be more, or less, than you imagine. A pre-sale home inspection will give you the definitive answers you need and will go a long way in showing potential buyers that you’re earnest in your desire to be completely honest about the home’s condition.

Plus, if you supply the buyer with the inspection results before accepting the offer, you’ll be able to weed out those that will eventually back out, after they have their own home inspection which can put your home sale at a huge disadvantage.  Like I talked about in
5 Reasons that Homestead Husing, San Mateo Houses Don’t Sell – that have Nothing to do with the House, if you don’t get it sold the first time and have to put the property back on the market for sale, you’re going to lose money.  A lot of money.

Getting a pre-sale home inspection is a way to avoid that disaster.  Buyers will know what’s wrong with the house before they enter into contract with you.  They’ll know whether or not the repairs are something they can handle or they can’t.  It’s crucial for you that they have that information.  Besides, it’s a waste of time otherwise.

Disclose everything

Protect yourself by disclosing all known issues concerning the home and the neighborhood. Yes, it feels as if you’re betraying yourself, but disclosure is important if you want to avoid running afoul of the law and winding up in court. Disclose Every. Last. Thing.



Homestead Husing Neighborhood of San Mateo Homes are Sold As-Is But What Does that Mean?
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