About Pacifica State Beach Linda Mar

You’ll have the nicest place for a picnic and the best place to see surfers on Linda Mar Beach – the beach is long and wide, plenty of space to build castles.  You can have lunch at the greatest Taco Bell in the world too.  During migration, you’re likely to see whales.  They come amazingly close to the shore.

I have a surfer friend who told me that a shark swam under her board.  She was so scared she couldn’t go back in to surf for awhile.  For me, that would be forever.  I’d never get back in!

There are sealed ports on the beach side of the bathrooms.  When I was a kid an alarm would go off, the port lids would go up and we’d run because the sewage would come out – treated, I’m sure, but…  That’s when Taco Bell was A&W Rootbeer.  Once in awhile someone would have a boogie board but nobody surfed back then.

If you spend much time in Pacifica you might see the city uniform:  shorts and Uggs.  It’s a casual town and feels smaller than it is.